Akalabeth: World Of Doom

Akalabeht Screen 02
Finally, after 26 years, with Lord British’s blessing, Dungeoneer Games & Simulation is proud to present Akalabeth: World of Doom for Commodore 64, based on the original Apple II version, made with the help of the Italian coder Andrea Schincaglia and the graphician David Vigh.

Aka 03

Akalabeth has been released only on real disk in a limited edition run of 50 numbered copies, which have been all reserved just after few hours from the official release.

Now, we offer you the free digital download in .d64 format which can be easily used with a any Commodore 64 Emulator.


Download your copy here.


Original Code: Richard Garriott
Conversion and additional Code: Andrea Schincaglia
Idea and Testing: Antonello Molella
Additional Graphics: David Vigh

Copyright Notice
1980, Akalabeth: World Of Doom, All rights reserved by Richard Garriot, 1980.
This port has been produced as fan tribute and not for profit. The amount paid from the first 50 buyers has been requested only to cover the basic expenses, no profit whatsoever has been done on this project.